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Silver Line 3 Chelsea (SL3)

New SL3 station at Eastern Ave in Chelsea, MA
Updated on April 19, 2018

About the Project

Timeline: 2015-2018
Status: Complete

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What is the SL3?

Silver Line 3 Chelsea (SL3) service began on April 21, 2018.

For the cost of a standard subway fare, the SL3 provides service to Chelsea, East Boston, Logan Airport, the Seaport District, and South Station.

The larger Silver Line buses travel in bus-only lanes in Chelsea to avoid traffic—and you don't need to transfer to another line or mode of transit to get to Boston.

Who is the SL3 for?

Three Chelsea residents

The SL3 serves riders who need to go to Chelsea, East Boston, Logan Airport, the Seaport District, or South Station.

The SL3 may offer faster service if you:

  • Take MBTA bus routes 111, 112, 114, 116, or 117: The SL3 offers fewer stops and transfers along these key bus routes, and it travels in an exclusive bus lane in Chelsea to avoid traffic.
  • Transfer from the Blue Line to get to South Station or the Seaport: The SL3 offers direct service to both.
  • Take taxis or rideshares to the airport: The SL3 stops at Airport Station on the Blue Line for a fraction of the cost of a taxi or rideshare.
  • Drive to Boston: Taking public transit saves you money on tolls, gas, and parking. In addition, the SL3 travels in an exclusive bus lane in Chelsea to avoid traffic.

Where does the SL3 stop?

The SL3 stops at 4 new Silver Line stations in Chelsea and 5 existing Silver Line stations in Boston.

New Silver Line Stations

Eastern Ave Station

Chelsea Station
Everett Ave
View neighborhood map

Bellingham Sq Station​​​​​​
Arlington and 6th St
View neighborhood map

Box District Station
Gerrish Ave and Highland St
View neighborhood map

Eastern Ave Station
Eastern and Central Ave
View neighborhood map

Existing Silver Line Stations

South Station Red Line entrance/exit

Airport Station
Connections to Blue Line and Massport Shuttle

Silver Line Way

World Trade Center Station

Courthouse Station

South Station
Connections to Red Line and Commuter Rail

SL3 Stations

View larger map

SL3 Connections



What are the new stations like?

All new MBTA Silver Line stations include:

  • Sheltered waiting areas
  • Canopied bike racks
  • Raised boarding platforms and tactile warning strips
  • Emergency/customer service call boxes

Are the SL3 stations and vehicles accessible?

All SL3 vehicles are accessible to people with disabilities. Every station features raised boarding platforms with tactile warning strips.

Bellingham Station is accessible via the north side of 6th St.

When does the SL3 run?

View the SL3 schedule

    DayFirst inbound tripLast outbound tripFrequency
    DayMonday – FridayFirst inbound trip5:00 AMLast outbound trip12:55 AMFrequencyEvery 10 minutes during peak times (7 AM – 9 AM and 4 PM – 6 PM)
    Every 12 minutes during off-peak times
    DaySaturdayFirst inbound trip5:30 AMLast outbound trip12:55 AMFrequencyEvery 12 minutes
    DaySundayFirst inbound trip6:30 AMLast outbound trip12:55 AMFrequencyEvery 12 minutes

    A one-way, end-to-end trip between Chelsea Station and South Station takes about 30 minutes.

    How much does the SL3 cost?

    Fare box on a bus with a customer tapping their CharlieCard

    A single-ride fare on the SL3 is a standard subway fare:

    Transfers to other subway lines are free.

    Learn about transfers to other modes

    What are the buses like?

    Articulated Silver Line bus at the Silver Line Way stop in the Seaport District

    Interior of a Silver Line bus, with bright lighting and blue carpeted seats

    SL3 rapid transit buses are roomier and offer a smoother ride than other MBTA buses. Like other Silver Line buses, they include plenty of space for luggage if you're going to the airport.

    All Silver Line buses are accessible to people with disabilities.

    How does the Chelsea Street Bridge impact the SL3?

    Chelsea Street Bridge in the down position

    We alert SL3 drivers before the bridge goes up and provide alternate routes based on real-time traffic information. Those alerts will be available to the general public soon.

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