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Ashmont - Ruggles via Washington Street


Talbot Ave @ Dorchester Ave
Talbot Ave @ Welles Ave
Talbot Ave @ Centre St
Washington St @ Kenwood St
Washington St @ Melville Ave
Washington St @ Park St
Washington St opp Algonquin St
Washington St @ Bowdoin St
Washington St @ Vassar St.
Washington Street @ Four Corners /​ Geneva Station
Washington St @ Columbia Rd
Washington St @ Joe L Smith Way
Washington St @ Blue Hill Ave
Warren St @ Sunderland St
Warren St @ Intervale St
Warren St @ Maywood St
Warren St @ Woodbine St
Warren St @ Waverly St
Warren St @ Whiting St
Warren St @ Moreland St
Warren St @ Kearsarge Ave
Malcolm X Blvd @ Shawmut Ave
Malcolm X Blvd @ O'Bryant HS
Malcolm X Blvd @ Madison Park HS
Malcolm X Blvd @ Tremont St
Tremont St opp Prentiss St
Commuter Rail Zone 1A


CharlieCard $1.70

CharlieTicket or Cash $2.00

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Inbound 05:09A-01:29A

Outbound 04:55A-01:29A


Inbound 04:55A-01:26A

Outbound 04:40A-01:23A


Inbound 05:40A-01:25A

Outbound 05:50A-01:21A

Upcoming Holidays

  • Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (Observed) (November 12, 2018)
  • Thanksgiving Day (November 22, 2018)

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